Todd Gouge or “Toddzilla” as he’s known, is walking across the entire United States of America.  His son Colin quickly answered the call and decided to walk along side his Father. Todd Gouge is looking for the “Spirit of America”.  He is walking to find himself, to find out who he really is.  While doing this, he hopes to better himself spiritually, mentally and physically.  At 430 lbs. this is no easy task.  But He decides it is time to do something positive in his life once and for all. He is walking to find the pulse of this great Nation, the vibe of America.  Will Americans show kindness or bitterness in 2012?  Are they willing to lend a hand, or will they turn their back and ignore someone in need. Todd and Colin are riding bicycles across the western deserts and are loosing a tremendous amount of weight.  Go to their Facebook page to keep up with all of their adventures! Father and Son Walk Across America “Step by Step”  and are now also Biking for Fitness! Keep up with Todd Gouge as he travels entirely by foot across the United States of America. Todd is now booking speaking engagements to share his testimony about this awesome spiritual adventure!  Call or email to get him to speak at your next Church/Business function!